​​​​Lake Norden, South Dakota

Red SSS Gold Solo 264B
Gold Solo is a deep made Red SSS Soldier 365W son with a balanced attractive profile. Gold Solo is out of the Elite Dam, Red SSS Gold Edge 196R with a 111 progeny ratio. Soldier is deceased and here is an option to obtain Soldier genetics. 

Selected from a variety of out cross genetics that have served our customers and us well.

NRA Herd Sires

Suth Direct Iron 06X Reg # 1375438
A proven sleep all night calving ease sire.  Daughters have good udders and teat placement with large pelvics.

Red SSS Endorse 639  Reg # 1449523

Red SSS Spitfire 263B
Spitfire is a cherry red, smooth shouldered low birth weight Red SSS Soldier 365W son. Spitfire has an excellent disposition and exhibits good calving ease. 

Namken Red Angus

SSS Pay Dirt 357Z CAReg # 1716194 
​​USA 2472060
Canadian Red Gene Carrier
Sire: HF Kodiak 5R
Dam: Crowfoot Bardolene 5116R
Owned with:
Arrowsmith Red Angus and SSS Red Angus

Herd Sires and Reference Sires

Endorse was the $40,000 top selling bull in Triple S Sale in Canada.  Being Canada bred , his American EPD tabulations is not as true as his actual performance.  He consistently sires eye appealing cattle that come on a moderate frame size.  His yearling ultrasound scanned and 18.7 square inch ribeye.  Now deceased there will be limited opportunities to access these unique genetic

Namken Max 10A  Reg # 1621619

Sire: Red Flying K Max 159Y MGS: Red T-K Energizer 13T  ​A powerful out cross moderate framed bull with rib capacity, bone and good feet. His dam is up and coming with a great udder. 

Red SSS Academy 558C   3521707
Academy was our pick of the 2016 SSS Bull Sale as the most complete Red SSS Ambush 771X son.  This bull was added to our herd sire battery to add three dimensional shape, fleshing ability and maternal ability.  His dam, Red SSS Jessie 654X, is a Big Rock daughter that raised Red SSS Maximum 754A, a herd sire used by SSS. 

Red SSS Cooper 166B
We purchased Cooper as a performance bull from the 2015 SSS Bull Sale.  This SSS Solution 329Z son weaned off at 869lbs and had a 1352lb yearling weight.  This bull scanned a 16.57 REA with a 119 ratio and yet going on to have a 104 IMF ratio.  This bull puts together an attractive phenotype with good feet and leg structure. His dam is the Red SSS Valentine 789P donor cow. 789P is a never miss cow that hails from the great Valentine cow family, a staple in the SSS program.  Not many cows are flushed at the SSS Program, but this one makes the cut!  Cooper genetics will be limited as he is deceased. 

Red SSS Salute 294B
Salute is a long made, powerful, Red SSS Soldier 365W son.  His dam, Red SSS Valentine 429S, is a no miss cow stemming from the Valentine cow family with a 109 life ratio on female calves and 110 on male calves.