Namken Red Angus

Our Spring Sale set for February 24, 2019

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​​Lake Norden, South Dakota

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Our Video Play List of Bulls for 2019 Sale

We strive to continually produce high quality, structurally sound, and functional bulls and females that are bred to be versatile and compliment any operation. In addition to our registered Red Angus herd, we also run a Red Angus-based commercial cow herd on our ranch in northeastern South Dakota, the progeny of which are marketed as feeder calves. Red Angus were chosen for their strong maternal traits, docility, and for the functionality and durability of the breed.

At Namken Red Angus, quality is a must and it is important to note that the registered herd is managed right alongside the commercial cow herd and they are given no special treatment. We expect our cattle to perform in their natural environment and our breeding program and emphasis on overall quality reflects that. Functionality is the cornerstone of our breeding philosophy. We place a great deal of importance on sound feet, legs, and udders.

Although we do not breed our cattle specifically for the show industry, our cattle do perform well in the ring and we market a portion of our registered bulls and females at a handful of livestock shows. However, the majority of our bulls are sold off the ranch by private treaty. We welcome visitors and encourage those interested in learning more about our program to give us a call. If you happen to see us at one of the cattle shows, please stop in and say hello. Better yet, stop by the ranch anytime for a tour. We'd be glad to show you around!  

Jared, Lacey, Paisley and Cooper Namken 

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